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Questions & Answers

Design Methods & Costs

QUESTION: Are all septic systems designed in accordance with applicable Septic Code requirements equal?

ANSWER: No – Septic Codes provide minimum design standards. There are a diverse number of methods for designing a septic system which can vary dramatically in cost. Additionally there are a range of improvements engineered into a septic system design that are just going to cost more money?

QUESTION: Improvements engineered into a septic system design are just going to cost more money?

ANSWER: No – Although some improvements do cost extra, many system design enhancements can be done at little or no additional cost. Korth Engineeting will discuss with the client, potential enhancements, additional costs and associated benefits.

QUESTION: Can site conditions vary?

ANSWER: Yes – They can vary dramatically! Items such as soil conditions and obstructions not only change from site to site but often on a particular single piece of property.

QUESTION: Can it be guaranteed that there won't be probhlems with my septic system?

ANSWER: Unfortunately No as a septic system effectiveness & longevity are based on a complex number of interrelated factors some of which are not part of the design itself. However a properly designed septic system tailored for the specific site conditions enhances the potential life and efficiency.

QUESTION: Why should I pay an engineer to design my septic system when the installer will design the system?

ANSWER: Several Reasons#58;